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Passive Income Investments


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Passive Income Investments

How do you picture yourself earning generational wealth through passive income?

American Real Estate Investments (AREI) believe in focusing on three areas within the real estate market to better serve our investors. We encourage serving our investors before selling to our investors. The core value of serving drives each discussion with our Investment Coordinators and leads to a genuinely passive experience when finding the right avenue and strategy for your investment goals.

Our main areas of focus for passive income investing are:

  1. Turnkey Single-family Rental Properties
  2. Private Money Lending Opportunities
  3. International Vacation Rental Properties

Single-family Rental Property Icon Square BlueSingle-family Rental Property

American Real Estate Investments offers passive, turnkey, single-family rental properties and property management opportunities. Investors in single-family homes typically have 20-50k to invest and are looking for safe investments in good real estate markets where appreciation, population growth, and the job market are strong.

Private Money Lending Icon Square BluePrivate Money Lending

Earn passive income through private money lending opportunities with American Real Estate Investments. “Be the bank” with a safe investment and earn immediate cash-flow with a competitive rate of return on land-development projects backed by the nations largest developers in the nations most secure real estate markets.

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Vacation Rental Property Icon Square BlueVacation Rental Property

What if you were able to buy real estate in 1950’s Hawaii? The opportunity for real estate in Belize is U.S. investor friendly, the property earns cash-flow when you don’t use it, and it creates generational wealth through full or fractional ownership.

Own private islands, beachfront condos, luxury villas, and oceanfront lots.

Texas State IconWhy Texas?

American Real Estate Investments (AREI) is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and has a long history with the Texas market. However, AREI is not “market loyal” to the detriment of our investors. We are loyal to people, not markets.

With that said, the Texas market is both lucrative for development and safe and secure for investors. Whether you are looking for cash-flow, appreciation, tax write-offs, or any of the other six ways real estate pays you; the Texas real estate market delivers, and AREI is loyal until it does not.

  • Economic diversity of the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston marketplaces make it more recession-independent than most (ex: “big short” in 2008)
  • Close to 10% of the Fortune 1000 companies have headquarters in Texas (over 5% of the Fortune 500)
  • Texas led the nation in building permits in 2017 (+50k over 2nd-place Florida)

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