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Private Money Lending


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Private Money Lending Investments

Private money lending with American Real Estate Investments (AREI) is similar to hard money lending, except you are the lender and have the opportunity to “be the bank” and earn up to 12% fixed annual return on our projects in Texas.

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Up to 12% Fixed Annual Return

Our land development projects typically fall into one of four categories.

  1. Single-family residential land development
  2. Commercial land development
  3. Multi-family real estate flip
  4. Commercial real estate flip


Why Texas?

  • Economic diversity of the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston marketplaces make it more recession-independent than most (ex: “big short” in 2008)
  • Close to 10% of the Fortune 1000 companies have headquarters in Texas (over 5% of the Fortune 500)
  • Texas led the nation in building permits in 2017 (+50k over 2nd-place Florida)

Use Your IRA or 401(k)!

Self-directing your IRA or 401(k) is not a widely known investment strategy. The tax-free benefits of using your IRA or 401(k) often allow you to grow your retirement savings in a shorter time-frame by putting the funds into an appreciating asset or higher yield project.

In private money lending, your initial self-directed funds are served best by rolling them into the next project to create a continuous return on your investment.



QRP Book 2019

  • Gain checkbook control of your 401(k) and IRA money!
  • Learn how to AVOID the UDFI tax for self-directed IRAs
  • Never pay another fee to an adviser for “holding your money”
  • Learn to defer taxes on up to $100k+ of your income each year
  • Additional protections and benefits in the book

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How does it work?

American Real Estate Investments (AREI), the project manager, scouts and secures a project in the best market(s) in the U.S. for real estate development. Development projects typically fall into single-family residential or commercial land development, or multi-family or commercial real estate flip.


What does it do for the investor?

  • It diversifies the investor’s investment portfolio.
  • It is a low-risk investment, and it is also a safe way to invest your money. In an investment transaction, the best position to be in is the bank. So, be the bank.
  • It is a genuinely passive form of investment.


How does it pay?

Private money lenders with American Real Estate Investments (AREI) begin earning monthly pay-outs at the annual rate of return at full funding of the project. Lenders transfer their investment amount to the title/escrow company while we secure the loan; usually within 60 days. Lenders then begin earning monthly pay-outs. When the project sells, each investor receives their initial dispersion amount.

Case Study

The Community at Woodlands – Houston The Community at Woodlands is a proposed detached single-family home subdivision in one of the fastest, most desirable new housing locations in Houston, Texas. The property will be sub-divided into approximately 465 lots of 50’ by 110’. The cash-flow projection assumes a $52,000 per lot sales price with a 5% annual escalation. This project is our fourth successful development in this area and represents a significant opportunity for capital growth as this market continues to expand with the growth of the Texas housing market. The Community at Woodlands development is poised to provide AREI’s investment partners with significant profitability and the opportunity to forge an ongoing development relationship.

Case Study Profitability

Community Road Project Profitability

Current Private Money Lending Opportunities

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