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Single-family Rental Property


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Single-family Rental Property Investments

American Real Estate Investments (AREI) helps investors build passive income through turnkey single-family rental properties (SFR). We vet our investment properties for asset strength, risk, market viability, and our ability to renovate to our standards.

Our Investment Coordinators create a dialog with clients to set goals, build a diverse portfolio, and most importantly, create generational wealth in the most relevant way possible. We don’t “do it all” nor do we subscribe to all possible investment strategies. Almost 20 years of existence and over 100 years of combined experience has led us to believe in a specific approach, and we’d love to guide you down the path.

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Invest in Turnkey Rental Property

American Real Estate Investments offers passive, turnkey, single-family rental properties and property management opportunities. Investors in single-family homes typically have 20-50k to invest and are looking for safe investments in good real estate markets where appreciation, population growth, and the job market are strong.

The “fix-and-flip” craze is inescapable whether you’re watching TV, listening to the radio, or stopped at an intersection staring at a multitude of colored signs asking to buy your home. Can most people buy, renovate, and sell a home on their own? Yes. Should most people buy, restore, and sell a home on their own? No.

While flipping homes and keeping them for passive income is at an all-time high in the last ten years (Dallas-Fort Worth is up 23% for 2017), investors are finding net profitability shrink and ROTI (Return-on-Time-Invested) draining. Simply put, non-institutional investors don’t have the resources and time to turn a profit, even in high-demand renter markets, continually.

American Real Estate Investments offers ready-to-rent Class-A and Class-B homes in secure markets backed by an active rental property management company in American Real PM. If you provide the capital, we take care of the rest.

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Top Rental Properties in the Top Housing Markets

American Real Estate Investments experience defines our strategy in the single-family rental market. Our Class-A or Class-B properties are vetted not only for our peace of mind but for that of our future investors.

Our considerations are based on several factors but fall into these main categories:

  • Asset Classification
  • Market Viability
  • Geographic Area
  • School District Score
  • Central Business District Proximity
  • Major Employer Proximity
  • Third-party or Partner Credibility

Our experience in markets both nationally and internationally defines our strategy as well. We do not invest in markets that show high-risk or unreasonable supply or demand. We don’t offer real estate opportunities we wouldn’t personally consider, and we let that idea guide our decisions. Our market reports provide a snapshot of the investment opportunity, and our Investment Coordinators will help align your goals with a relevant property and market.

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Investing in real estate can benefit you in six ways: cash flow, equity capture, appreciation, principal pay-down, tax write-offs, and inflation-profiting. However, investors should not forget the intangible benefits that influence the financial outcomes before a purchase. Turnkey investing with American Real Estate Investments affords you peace-of-mind that cannot be quantified.

Rental Property Management Made Easy

American Real Estate Investments properties are backed by an exclusive rental property management company, American Real PM (ARPM), for an initial 1-year term. The idea of turnkey investing applies to property management as well. American Real PM places a tenant, handles all legal and transactional processes, customer service, and pays out to the investor monthly.

The American Real PM online portal enables you to see potential returns for your property, a full overview of other available properties, a personable and responsive staff, and other monitoring features.

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American Real Estate Investments loves to ask “What’s your return on life?” Our passive income opportunities in real estate are the safest and most hands-off investments in the industry. Schedule an appointment with an Investment Coordinator to talk about your goals, the real estate market, and opportunities that might fit into your portfolio.

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